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Jul 03, 2018 · Fluid heated by the transmission, engine, or power steering pump flows to the cooler. The air moving over the fins of the cooler cools the fluid, which is then routed back to the transmission, engine or power steering pump in a continuous loop through the return line. 2. Transmission Service. Our marine transmission department specializes in sales, repair, and remanufacturing of Velvet Drive, Borg Warner, ZF Marine, Hurth, Paragon, Walters, Pleasurecraft, Twin Disc, Volvo Penta, Yanmar, and Kanzaki transmissions. We stock a wide range of parts as well as complete new and rebuilt transmissions.

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General remarks 2 1.1 Drawing of transmission 2 1.2 Power flow schematic 3 1.3 Oil flow charts 4 1.4 Adjustment work 5/1 1.4.1 Release clearance at clutch F snap ring 5/1 1.4.2 Release clearance at brake G snap ring 5/2 1.4.3 Release clearance at brake D snap ring 5/3 1.4.4 Clearance at output side washer 5/4 1.4.5 Release clearance at clutch E ... ZF 6 Speed transmission super sale! This fully synchronized beast of a transmission was first introduced in 1998 and soon became more popular than its five-speed predecessor which halted its production in 2001. The ZF 6 Speed's lightweight and mostly aluminum design was manufactured specifically with the Powerstroke engine in mind. I personally prefer the S5-42 transmission over the 47, I've had 2 trucks with 47's and 3 trucks with 42's. The 42's are much better shifting if they are in good condition. Although my '97 has a 47 with a dual disc infront of it and I've managed a 14.3 in the 1/4mi.

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I do transmission flushes on my own vehicles, even if I buy them with high mileage. I haven’t seen any negative side effects from doing so. Some would say that the old transmission after time will have bits of disc material and metal floating arou...

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Clutch A (1) holds the P1/P2 sun gear (17) and clutch B (2) holds the P1 annulus (3). Because two members of the same gear set are held, the entire P1 gear set is stationary. The stationary P1 carrier (18) is connected to the P4 annulus (9), locking the annulus. The input shaft (19) drives the C clutch (13), and the C clutch (13) drives the P4 sun gear (10).